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Signs of A Controlling Boyfriend Who Love Delhi Escorts So Much


Relationships are beautiful till the time when it doesn’t experience any sort of controlling behavior from one person. We live in the modern world and we have always been taught that girls and boys should be treated equally and there should not be any sort of inequality in the relationship. Inequality in the relationship is something which makes the other person feel suffocated I mean basically girls because they are the only ones who have to face this all over their life. If man starts controlling in the relationship then it is important that the women should notice this beforehand and should take hard step against this because no one in this world has the right to control you. Compromise is something which is really different in the relationship and it is needed at times for ensuring that it stays for the longer term. It is seen that in a relationship it is always boys I mean maximum times that boys try to control the life of their girlfriends in fact they control to some extent that the girls don’t even utter a word against it. The only reason that girls keep their mouth shut because they fear breakups and they think if they will raise the voice or say anything then their boyfriend will leave them. But it is significant to understand for the girls when their boyfriend can leave her so easily then why is it difficult for her as if he can spend his life without you so as you can do the same easily. Girls need to be very careful about this thing because this can lead to disturb them all over their life if it is not identified beforehand and stopped. If you are in a relationship with this kind of boyfriend where you don’t realize that he is controlling you then don’t worry as following is the discussion of signs of controlling boyfriend who is in love for Delhi Escorts and following :

Doesn’t let you go out alone

This is one of the major signs that you can notice about your boyfriend. You will notice that he doesn’t let you go out alone. Even when you are with your friends you are never alone. This is very shocking and surprising that you let him control your life because girls have become independent these days and it is very tough to control them so easily. You cannot let this happen because it is associated with your privacy. I understand he is your boyfriend but that doesn’t give him the license of controlling your life. You should notice this sign and when you do then it is important that either you leave him or give him the warning that you will leave him because in no way you are going to bear this in future. You should know that if he is controlling your life now then what he will do further.

Manages your monetary

Yes, there is no doubt that money can never affect the relationship when two people are in love but situation can get worse if the other person is not even letting you use the money that belongs to you. It is good that you two have started to manage the joint accounts but how can you tolerate the fact that he is not letting you use your money. This is something really frustrating as per my view because that is your money and when your family doesn’t ask you about your expenses then who has given him the right to handle your money. If you also manage his money then it can be comprehended to some extent but if it is not the case then it is something unacceptable. You should not ignore this sign and should take step against this because this way you cannot spend your life easily.

Checks your phone

If I was on your side then I wouldn’t have given a second thought and would have move out of this relationship instantly. If he is checking your phone then it is completely evident that he doesn’t trust you and has doubts on you. Most importantly, you should not give him the right to check your phone because if you have the same right then it is OK but if he hides his phone from you and wants your phone in his hand all the time then in my point it is not at all acceptable. It is important for you to know that he has not any right to check your phone and if he wants your phone for some purpose then he should ask for your permission because this is only about understanding and trust. If he doesn’t even let you use your phone when you are free then trust me there is no any other person who can control you more than him. You should notice this and should make a decision for yourself as controlling in a relationship can never reflect love.

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