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Just Be A Friends Hoping for More Exciting Romance With Delhi Escorts


We are here to show you some important signs that he or she just wants to be your friend. Sometimes we want more from friendship but the thing your friend is also wants something more. Today nobody wants to live in the only friend zone because, in reality, the friend zone does not exist, o yes it is true. All boys doing flirting for fun and entertainment with female friends but it not really mean that they want something more from you. Flirting is the simple way of fun and happiness and boys do flirting to make fun and laugh with friends. It not mean that they want more from you, not at all. All boys do not want more from the friendship because some people know about that if they want more from friendship then it is a big risk to lose your good friend. Today we will tell you some important signs so that you can know more about your friend that he or she wants more than friendship or not.

Escorts in Delhi Showing Her Full Interest In Front of You

If a person likes you and he or she is your good friend and you have good communication and comfort level in friendship. Then he or she will do some efforts to impress you or to approach you because if they interested in you then surely they do something. But is he or she doesn’t showing interest and not serious about you then it is simple. He or she only wants to be your friend and not more than that. When a person not showing interest and efforts then it is simple they only want to be your good friend and you need to understand them.

When a person is interested in you then he or she makes some efforts or doing flirt with you to tell about feelings and emotions but when there is nothing like no liking and no feeling then a person can’t go flirting with you and not showing efforts. He or she doing flirt with you but in friendship zone not beyond the limits.

He or She don’t Text you First For Romantic Dating

When a person or friend have some feeling for you then he or she can always text you first because they want to talk with you but when they can’t text you or call you first then it means they only want to be your friend and not more than that. It is the clear and simple sign that he or she only wants to be your simple friend.
He or She Introduces You as a Simple Friend
When a person not interested in your and they don’t have any feeling or attraction in you and introduce you with their friends and say he or she is my friend then it is clear they want you as a friend only in life. By using the only friend word, they clear all doubts that you are the only friend for them.

He or She Talks More About Other People

When your friend talks about other people in front of you then it is clear that he or she is not interested in you and he or she only wants to be your friend and they don’t want more from you. Then it is the clear signal for you. If he or she talks about other people like he like this girl or anything then he is not interested in you at all. So you need to understand them and try to understand that he does not want more than friendship from you.

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