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Indian Housewife provides Delhi escorts services to her tenants


My aunt provides some secret Delhi escorts services to her Tenants

My name is Rahul and I have recently shifted to Delhi for my job. I am living in a room at my uncle’s place. He is currently living in London due to his business work. I live here with my Aunt. My Aunt Jyoti is very sexy and beautiful. She is hot and has huge assets.  When I first met her I could not believe my eyes that my uncle has such a hot and sexy wife.

One day when I got back to home I saw someone inside aunt’s bedroom. It was not my aunt so I walked towards the door silently to see who was that. It was Sameer with aunt Jyoti on bed. Sameer is another tenant and pays rent for his room. I was shocked to see Sameer in my aunt’s bedroom. They both were having no idea that I was looking at them.

Delhi Housewife escort service for tenants

Indian Housewife Delhi EscortsI went to my room but could not remove the sight of what I saw out of my eyes. Then for the dinner I came to the dining table. Sameer and aunt Jyoti were giving naughty smile to each other and they were thinking I have no idea about it. I remained silent and after dinner I came back to my room and started watching tv. Aunt Jyoti also came to join me to watch TV. We were watching movie and I noticed that she was revealing her assets to me. Then she lied down on my lap as if she wanted to get comfortable while watching TV. I didn’t resisted. After some time a romantic scene came and I felt an erection. Aunt Jyoti came into action and took help of her hand. Now she was touching it from outside.

I kept silent and she was touching it. She then said can I ask you something? I said yes. She said you saw both of us in my bedroom. I remained silent and then she said I saw you. I asked her are you having an affair with Sameer? She said no she is not having any affair with him. She is working as Delhi Housewife Escorts and just provides some extra secret services to the tenants for their comfort and in return she makes some extra charges.

Independent housewife escort in delhi

I asked her are these secret services available for everyone? I said it slowly and my voice was rarely audible to her but she replied with a naughty smile on her face and said Yes I love to keep all people happy. I asked her can I have that service right now?

She said of course just give me some time I am going to take a shower. After few minutes she entered my room. She was wearing a sensuous red color lingerie and was looking so hot. She entered the room and locked it from inside. My heartbeat went up and I was not moving. She came closer to me and put her hand on my head and pulled me closer. She kissed me passionately and I was in heaven. We spent the whole night together loving each other.

It was an amazing night spent with my aunt Jyoti. I have decided that I will stay here only until I move to another city for job. I am in love with her seductive figure and sensuous things that she does with me. She is an angel and looks adorably hot when she comes closer to me. The room gets heat up when she is around. I am completely addicted to my hot aunt Jyoti.

I never thought that my aunt Jyoti will become an Mahipalpur escort for me. The secret services that she provides to her tenants and I don’t think anyone else gets in this world. She is an amazing punjabi escort living in Delhi. Whenever I feel frustrated or get exhausted from work, I go home and rest in my room. She comes and helps me rest and release all the stress. She is a caring aunt who is filled with seductive and attractive figure. Now Sameer has left the room so it is only me who she serves daily. I feel amazing and thankful to my job as it was the reason I moved to Delhi.

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